Courageous frankness is the keynote of the character of Mrs. Desmond Humphreys, who, under the nom de guerre of "Rita" is so well known in the literary world of to-day. She has written some fifty novels, and each one has preached a lesson. She has been accused of being a cynic. But those who have been privileged to meet her at her charming house, Cliffcot, West Bournemouth, agree that there is no more charming and delightful hostess. It would be difficult to point to a more prolific writer, and "Rita" recently made the interesting confession that she wrote " Calvary" - which she considers is her best book - in three months, although many people thought that it must have taken two years at least. "Rita " never dictates. "I write five hours a day," she says, " and I can produce a book of 90,000 or 100,000 words in two months if I am put to it." Mrs. Humphreys finds her recreation in music and cycling. She is a great lover of the theatre, and rarely misses a first night performance when in town.

Mrs. Humphreys (' Rita) F. Russell

Mrs. Humphreys (' Rita") F. Russell