Required : One quart of white vegetable stock, or good ordinary vegetable stock. (See page I371,vol.2.)

Half an ounce of vermicelli.

Two ounces of proteid food.

One ounce of butter.

One small onion.

One bay-leaf.

A little pepper and salt to taste, if condiments agree, though these are much better omitted.

Wash the vermicelli in cold water, break it into small pieces, and throw it with the bay-leaf into the boiling stock. Pare and boil the onion for five minutes in boiling water, then take and chop finely. Now fry the onion in a little butter, but do not allow it to colour. Add this to the soup, and boil all together until the vermicelli is quite soft. Take out the onion and bay-leaf, and add the proteid food (previously dissolved in a little warm water or milk). Add the pepper and salt, if they agree ; or a grate of nutmeg would be a nice flavouring for this soup.