Required: A teacupful of very finely chopped nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, filberts. About a gill of cream. Salt, pepper, mixed mustard. Thin slices of brown or white bread.

Remove all skin from the nuts by boiling them for two or three minutes, and then rubbing it off, after which they should be thrown into cold salted water to make them crisp. Next very finely chop them, and, if liked, pound as well. Sometimes the skins are not removed, but the first plan is best. Whip the cream and mix sufficient of it with the nuts to form a stiff paste. Add salt and pepper and a very little mustard. Spread on thin bread and form into neat sandwiches. If liked, mayonnaise dressing can be used instead of cream, or half and half of each is very good.

Cost, about iod.