Required: Three eggs. Six oysters. Salt and pepper. One ounce of butter.

Break the eggs very carefully, putting the yolks into one basin and the whites into another. Stir the yolks till they are a thick froth. Next add a few grains of salt to the whites and whisk them to a very stiff froth. Put the butter into an omelet pan, let it get very hot, then brush it all over the pan. Beard the oysters, cut each into four, and stir them into the yolks with a wooden spoon. Then lightly stir in the whisked whites. When the butter is hot, pour in the mixture, and place the pan on the fire for about three minutes. Then put it into the oven for another three minutes to just set the mixture and slightly brown the top, or the pan may be held before a clear fire for a few minutes.

Serve it at once on a hot dish. Cost, is.