Required: Two rabbits.

Four medium-sized Spanish onions. Slices of fat bacon. Pepper and .salt.

Cut up the rabbits into small joints, and slice the Spanish onions very thin.

Take a stewpan - preferably an earthenware one - and cover the bottom with sliced onion. On this put a layer of pieces of rabbit, first dipped in flour, and sprinkle with pepper and salt, and any other seasoning that may be desired. On this place a second layer of onion, then one of rabbit, and so on till the whole of the rabbit is used up.

Cover the last layer of rabbit with thin slices of raw fat bacon, and on this lay the remainder of the onions.

Cover closely and simmer beside the fire for two hours, or place the casserole in a moderate oven. Care must be taken that the contents do not burn.

Serve in the casserole, or, if this is not convenient, turn the contents out in a hot dish. English onions may be substituted for the Spanish ones if their strong flavour is not objected to. Cost, about 2S.