Required: Half a pint of raspberries. Three-quarters of a pint of claret. A quarter of a pint of lemon-juice. The rind of one lemon. Four ounces of sugar. Two cloves.

Two and a half ounces of leaf gelatine. Half an ounce of pistachio nuts.

Pick over the raspberries carefully; put all the ingredients into a clean, bright pan, and boil them well. See that the gelatine is melted. Next strain it through a piece of muslin or a'clean cloth.

Rinse a mould in cold water, pour a little jelly into it, and let it set. Put in a decoration of pistachio nuts, either chopped or shredded, and pour in a little more jelly to keep them in place. When that is set pour in the rest of the jelly, and leave it till set.

Before turning it out, dip the mould into tepid water, and then turn the jelly out on a glass dish.

Cost, is. 6d.