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During the hot weather, cool, refreshing beverages are in great demand; homemade varieties are always popular, and are far more thirst-quenching than the bought kinds of fizzy ginger beer and lemonade.

Most summer beverages are quite simple and easy to make; perhaps the most popular one is

Lemonade, No. 1 made from fresh lemons. For the recipe, see Every Woman's Encyclopaedia, page 771, Vol. 1.

Lemonade, No. 2

Required: Two quarts of boiling water. Two pounds of loaf sugar. One ounce of citric acid. About half a teaspoonful of essence of lemon.

Put the sugar into a large basin, pour the boiling water over it, leave it until it is nearly cold; then add the lemon essence and the citric acid, stir these well in, and leave the liquid until it is quite cold; then bottle, and cork it tightly.

Allow a wineglassful of lemonade to a tumbler of cold water, the addition of a few pieces of ice being a great improvement.

N.B.-Be sure and purchase the best essence of lemon possible, otherwise it sometimes has a very disagreeable flavour.

Cost, 7d.