Later-grown rhubarb should be used for making jam; it keeps better, and its flavour is superior to that made from forced rhubarb, or when it is first in season.

Required: Equal weight of fruit and sugar.

To each pound of fruit, half a gill of water and the rind of half a lemon, or one or more pieces of whole ginger, according to taste.

Wipe the rhubarb and cut it into pieces about 1 1/2 inches long. Put it in a pan, crush the sugar slightly, sprinkle it over the fruit, and let it stand until next day. Then add the ginger or lemon-peel; if using the latter, cut it thinly off the lemon, and cut it into thin strips. Boil it quickly for about one and a half hours, stirring it constantly, but being careful not to mash up the pieces. Keep it well skimmed. If liked, remove the pieces of ginger and pour the jam into clean dry jars. Cover when cold.

Rhubarb Jam. No. 2

Required: Six pounds of rhubarb. Two pounds of dried figs. Five pounds of sugar. One pint of water.

Wipe and cut up the rhubarb, carefully examine the figs, and cut them into fairly small pieces. Put rhubarb and figs in a basin, sprinkle over the sugar, after crushing it slightly, and leave them until next day. Then put them in a preserving-pan, and proceed as directed in No. 1.