(A North German Pudding)

Required: Half a pound each of red and black currants, cherries, and raspberries.

One pint of water.

A quarter of a pound of loaf sugar.

Two large tablespoonfuls of ground rice to each pint of juice.

Good boiled custard or cream.

Stalk and prepare the fruit, put it into a pan with the water and sugar, and stew gently till soft. Then strain off the juice through a hair sieve, and measure it. Put it back in the pan, and bring it to the boil. Mix the ground rice (in the above proportion) with a little cold water. When the juice boils pour it in, and let it well boil for a minute or two to cook the rice.

Rinse out a mould with cold water, pour in the mixture, and leave it till cold. Turn it out, and serve with cream or custard. Cost, is. 6d.