Required: Six sardines.

Four teaspoonfuls of grated Parmesan cheese. Four oysters. One hard-boiled egg. Chilli and tarragon vinegars. Half a stale tin loaf. Two ounces of butter. (Sufficient for about six.)

Cut slices from the bread I1/4 inches thick. Stamp these out in rounds the size of the top of a sherry glass, and with a smaller cutter remove the centres, but not right through, so that a hollow case is left. Fry these cases in butter, drain them well, and keep them hot.

Skin and pound the sardines with the cheese, adding vinegar to flavour and moisten it. Beard and quarter the oysters, add them to the mixture, and season it highly. Stir it over the fire until very hot.

Fill the cases with the mixture, and sprinkle the tops with powdered yolk of egg. Serve very hot on a lace paper.

Cost, Is.4d.