Required: Four tablespoonfuls of cream. Four teaspoonfuls of any fish paste. One teaspoonful of chopped parsley. Salt, pepper.

Mustard and cress (about three-pennyworth). Small, finger-shaped rolls (sold as " bridge rolls").

Whisk the cream until it will just hang on the whisk. Mix it lightly with the fish paste and parsley. Add a careful seasoning. Cut the rolls in half length-ways, and spread each half with a layer of the mixture. Have the cress carefully prepared and cut into short lengths, put some of it between the two pieces of each roll, and press them well together.

Savoury Cream and cress Sandwiches

Savoury Cream-and-cress Sandwiches

Note that no butter is required; cream takes its place. If preferred, use thin slices of white or brown bread.

Cost, about Is. 2d., without rolls.