Required: One grouse.

One ounce of butter.

One teaspoonful of chopped shallot.

One teaspoonful of chopped parsley.

Salad oil.

Salt and black pepper.

Piquant or tomato sauce. (See p. 652, Vol. 1, Every Woman's Encyclopaedia.)

When the bird is cleaned, etc., split it right down through the back, and flatten it out on a board like a book. Cut off the feet, brush it over inside with some oil, dust it well with black pepper and salt, and spread over it the parsley and shallot, with a good dust of flour. Skewer it flat, so that it cannot draw up in the cooking, and brush over the outside with the butter warmed.

Grill it over a very clear, sharp fire, or in front of it, for about twenty minutes, basting it well with the butter, and turning it now and then.

Serve it quickly on a hot dish, take out the skewers, and hand round either of the two sauces named.

Cost, 2s. to 2s. 6d.