Required: Half a pint of sieved strawberries. Two ounces of castor sugar. Three-quarters of an ounce of gelatine. Three eggs and one extra white. One gill of milk. Cochineal.

Rather over-ripe fruit could be used for this, as, in any case, it has to be rubbed through a hair or fine-wire sieve. Use a wooden spoon for this purpose, for a metal one injures the colour.

Heat the milk in a saucepan, add to it the three yolks, and stir over a slow fire till it thickens, but on no account let it boil.

When thick, take it off the fire, and add the sugar and strawberry pulp. Next put the gelatine in a clean saucepan with about three tablespoonfuls of hot water, stir over the fire till the gelatine is quite melted, and then strain it into the strawberries, etc., mixing it well. If the colour is not good, add a few drops of cochineal.

Whip the whites to a very stiff froth, so stiff that when you turn the plate right over they will not fall out. When the mix-lure is beginning to cool, stir in the whites thoroughly but very lightly.

Stir it from time to time till it is just setting, and either pour it into a mould that has been rinsed out with hot water, or heap it up roughly in a glass dish.

Cost, 1od.