Required: Half a pound of rough puff pastry.

White of egg.

About one pound of strawberries.

Castor sugar.


Sixpennyworth or more of cream.

Make the pastry, and roll it out till it is one and a half inches thick, and, with a large round or oval cutter stamp out the pastry. Now take a cutter the same shape, but two sizes smaller, and press it on to the pastry shape, but not more than half through it. This is to mark the lid, which is afterwards removed.

Put the pastry on a baking-tin, and bake it carefully in a quick oven, and for the last few minutes do not open the door. When it is nearly done, brush it over with a little slightly whipped white of egg and dust it with castor sugar. Put it back in the oven for a few minutes to glaze, and then, with a sharp knife, remove the inner circle and the soft paste from inside each case, taking care not to let the knife slip through it.

Have ready some ripe strawberries, stalk them, and dust well with castor sugar, mixing them lightly with the cream, which should be stiffly whipped and flavoured with sugar and vanilla. Fill in each case with the strawberries, and spread a layer of the cream over the top of the fruit, then put on the lid of pastry.

If by any chance the pastry lid gets broken or spoilt, merely sprinkle a few finely chopped pistachio nuts on the cream, and serve without the lid.

Cost, is. 8d.

Strawberry Trifle

Strawberry Trifle