Required: About a breakfastcupful of any kind of cold cooked meat or poultry. One teaspoonful of chopped onion. One teaspoonful of chopped parsley. Salt and pepper. Sauce or gravy. One vegetable marrow or two smaller ones.

Peel and cut the marrow in halves lengthwise, then cut out the seeds.

Mix together the chopped meat, onion, and parsley; add enough sauce or gravy to moisten the mixture, and season it to taste with salt and pepper. Fill in the cavity made by removing the seeds from the marrow with this mixture, smooth it evenly over, then put the two halves together. Put them into a paper bag which has been brushed over inside with melted butter or dripping, fold and secure the edges. Place the bag on a grid in a hot oven, and bake it from forty minutes to one hour, according to the size of the marrow. Serve on a hot dish.