Required : Four ounces of puff pastry. About two inches of cucumbers. A small tin of tunny fish. A little coralline pepper and salad-oil.

Roll out the pastry to an eighth of an inch thick, and line some small oval patty-tins. Fill with rice, and bake a delicate brown in a quick oven. When done, empty out the rice, and put the cases on a sieve till cold.

Cut the cucumber into thin slices, leaving on it the green peel. Cut the fish into thin flakes, sprinkle a little salad oil and coralline pepper on it, and fill in the pastry cases, sprinkling the top with coralline pepper.

Tartlets of Tunny Fish

Tartlets of Tunny Fish

Arrange half a slice of cucumber on either end of the tartlet, pressing it slightly into the fish. Serve them on a fancy paper. Cost 13. 2d.

By Mrs. Eustace Miles

By Mrs. Eustace Miles

How a Meatless Breakfast May Be Satisfying as Well as Appetising - The Digestibility of the Meatless Breakfast - A Tempting Breakfast-table - The "No Breakfast" Plan

It is generally supposed that a food re-former's breakfast is a tasteless and uninteresting meal. In fact, this is one of the commonest objections made to food reform. There may be some ground for this impression, for, as a rule, insufficient care is taken to have an attractive meatless break fast-table.

One of the first laws in experimenting on "food reform" is the law of attraction. Therefore, it is of no use to say that "break fast is of no consequence," for, to the ordinary meat-eater, breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. It is also useless to begin by saying, "You had better leave off breakfast altogether !" The "no breakfast" stage comes much later on. Those who are accustomed to a good "square" breakfast may rest assured that they can still have a hearty meal, and a much healthier one, because it is a meatless one, without the usual fried bacon, grilled kidneys, cold ham, etc.

A meat breakfast is a very heavy meal with which to begin the day, especially in the summer. It taxes the digestion, and the energy which should be devoted to the brain is being used instead for digesting the heavy breakfast which has been eaten.

It is a very ordinary thing to hear people complaining that they " always feel so heavy in the morning." The " morning headache " is a very common complaint. The reason of this, more often than not, is that they have eaten far too much for breakfast, and in consequence, just at the busiest time of the day, when they need to feel light and clear headed for their day's work or business, their digestive organs are being taxed to the uttermost. Perhaps, too, they have eaten the breakfast in a hurry, in order to catch an early train, which is another reason for a lighter breakfast, for meals eaten in a hurry do very little good. Therefore, for all these reasons, it is well worth while to try the experiment of a fleshless breakfast.

There are many breakfast dishes without any meat whatever that are very easy to digest, attractive in appearance, and savoury to the taste. For those who think they require what they call a " good " breakfast, there are some recipes that will satisfy them. Eggs and omelettes can be eaten as at an ordinary breakfast. Besides these, there are dishes made from grilled tomatoes and mushrooms, and savoury toast. There are also a great variety of porridges, besides the stock oatmeal porridge. But one of the best parts of a meatless breakfast is the fruit course.

One of the most tempting meatless breakfasts I ever saw was at a friend's house. The table was daintily laid with a quantity of flowers and a variety of fruits, such as apples, bananas, dates, oranges, and strawberries. There was a large bowl of fruit salad for those who preferred cooked fruit, and a dish of stewed prunes. A supply of tempting hot dishes, such as scrambled eggs, served with grilled tomatoes, and mushrooms on toast, savoury omelette, a dish of savoury buttered toast, and the usual boiled eggs.

Most refreshing to look at, as well as to eat, were the cool green lettuces, cut in halves, and lying open with their pretty yellow centres exposed to view. The hot dishes were garnished with watercress. instead of with parsley. There was porridge for those who wished for it. A bowl of cream, which was served with an old silver ladle, was on the table for the fruit salad, prunes, or porridge. There were also little plates of milled nuts, which people could sprinkle on their bread-and-butter or toast.

The " no breakfast" plan, or the very light, early breakfast, is very valuable for brain workers - in fact, for all workers.

It is astonishing how quickly one becomes accustomed to it, and how light and clear-headed it makes one feel at the beginning of the day, which is really the keynote of the whole day. It is a fact that often, when people have eaten a heavy late dinner, at the time when they are having their substantial breakfast they have really not finished digesting the late dinner or supper of the day before ! And yet the digestive organs have to begin all over again, working upon the breakfast before they have finished with the last meal of the previous day. If your breakfast consists of only tea or coffee and toast, or wholemeal bread-and-butter, you can make it more sustaining by adding two or three teaspoonfuls of proteid food to a cup of tea or coffee, or by having a cup of proteid food mixed with hot water or milk, without anything else at all.