Required : Half a pound of cooked chicken. Two ounces of ham or tongue Two raw eggs. One hard boiled egg. One gill of white sauce. Six small mushrooms. Salt and pepper. Breadcrumbs. About two tablespoonfuls of dice of ham or tongue. A puree of green peas. (Sufficient for six.)

Chop the chicken and ham finely, and the hard-boiled egg and mushrooms rather coarsely. Put the sauce in a clean pan, add the chicken, ham, mushroom and chopped ham or tongue; also one raw beaten egg, and a careful seasoning of salt and pepper.

Stir the mixture over the fire for a few minutes, then turn it on to a plate and let it cool. Next mark it into even divisions. Shape each into a neat cone shape, brush each over with beaten egg, then cover with crumbs. Have ready a deep pan of frying fat. When a faint bluish smoke rises from it, put in the cones and fry them a golden brown. Drain them well on paper, and keep them hot.

Rub enough cooked green peas through a sieve to make a neat heap on a dish, add to them about two tablespoonfuls of cream and a good seasoning of salt and pepper. Make the mixture very hot, arrange it on a hot dish in a pretty pyramid shape, mark it neatly with a fork. Arrange the cone shapes upright against this. Garnish the dish with cubes of cooked ham or tongue, and strain round some good brown sauce.

Cost about 3s. 6d.