Required: The remains of cold turkey, about one pound. Allow to every four tablespoonfuls of breadcrumbs : Two tablespoonfuls of chopped ham. Two teaspoonfuls of chopped parsley. One teaspoonful of chopped shallot. Half a level teaspoonful of curry powder. One tablespoonful of melted butter. Salt. Eggs.

Frying fat.

Half a pint of tomato sauce. Half a pound of fresh mushrooms (if possible). (Sufficient for four to six.)

Cut the bird into as neat pieces as possible. If there are legs to be used, chop them across in four pieces. Mix the crumbs, ham, shallot, parsley, and curry-powder together.

Beat up one or more eggs on a plate, according to the quantity of turkey. Mix with each egg a tablespoonful of warmed butter.

• Brush the pieces of turkey over with the egg and butter, and cover them with the crumbs, etc., and repeat this egg and crumbing so that each piece is done twice. Put them in a pan of clean frying fat from which a bluish smoke is rising, and fry them a delicate brown.

Drain the pieces on paper to remove all grease. Heap them up on a lace paper on a hot dish, and garnish them with the mushrooms, which should be first nicely grilled.

Hand the tomato sauce separately in a hot sauce-tureen.

Cost, from Is., without turkey.

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