Caramel - White and Browned Crumbs - Glaze - Clarified Fat - Pepper Spice - Vanilla Sugar -Nouille Biscuits - Milk Biscuits - Pink Sugar - Meringue Cases - Mayonnaise Sauce

A cook often finds odd half-hours at her disposal, and slack days when for some reason or other fewer meals are required. Now, if she is a wise and methodical woman, after a certain amount of recreation she will seize the opportunity of replenishing her stock of various necessary home-made stores, which she knows by experience greatly simplify and lighten her labours on the days when she is overwhelmed with work.

For instance, a day rarely passes when there are not foods to coat with crumbs for frying, and it is wasteful and vexing to have to find stale bread and make breadcrumbs constantly, instead of taking what is necessary from the tin labelled " Dried White " or "Brown" crumbs.

Gravies and sauces have an aggravating trick of lacking a tempting brown colour just at the last moment. The careless, unready cook snatches up an iron spoon, fills it with sugar, thrusts it into the fire, and, in order to obtain half a teaspoonful of caramel, ruins several spoons and constantly renders kitchen, if not house, unbearable with fumes of burnt sugar.

Make a good supply of well-coloured, thick caramel, and it will keep for months, and always be to hand. The following stock items are most useful to keep in every kitchen, and are neither troublesome nor expensive to prepare.