Required : About half a pound of any game Half an ounce of butter. One ounce of flour. One egg.

Three-quarters of a pint of stock. Scraps of puff pastry. Half a pint of tomato sauce. Salt and pepper. A gill of brown sauce. A few button mushrooms (Sufficient for six persons.)

Remove all flesh from the bones of the birds, and pound it in a mortar until it is quite smooth. Melt the butter in a stewpan, stir in the flour; then add half a gill of the stock, and stir this " panada" over the fire until it thickens and does not stick to the sides of the pan. Add it to the pounded game, pound them well together, stir in the beaten egg, and rub all through a wire sieve. Season the mixture carefully, and add to it about a gill of brown sauce, and, if liked, about half a glass of port wine.

It is advisable to test the consistency of the mixture before using; to do so drop a little in a little boiling stock or water. If it seems too firm, add a little more sauce; if too moist, use more panada. Well butter about eight zephire moulds, fill them with the mixture. Put them in a shallow pan with boiling water to come half way up them, lay a piece of buttered paper over the top, and poach them gently for about twenty minutes; then turn them carefully out of the moulds.

Meantime, cut for each a narrow rim of puff pastry, bake these carefully in the oven. Place a pastry shape on each zephire, fill in the space in the centre with a puree of green peas or spinach, and place a button mushroom in the centre.

Strain the sauce round.

For the puree: Rub some cooked peas or spinach through a fine wire or hair sieve, put them in a small pan with a small lump of butter, and salt and pepper to taste. Heat the mixture through, and, if liked, add a little cream. Cost, about 3s. 6d.