Japan Rose - " Beauty is your only charm." Japoniea - " Unexpected happiness." Jasmine (White) - " Amiability." Jasmine (Cape) - " Transport of joy." Jasmine (Carolina) - " Forsaken." Jasmine {Indian) - " Attachment." Jasmine (Spanish) - " Immodesty." It seems strange that this meaning should be given to the lovely Montana, whose sweet-scented flowers resemble great white stars. Jasmine {Yellow)-" Grace and elegance." Jonquil - " I desire a return of affection." Judas-tree - " Betrayal." This pink-blossomed tree is quite common in the East, and received its name from the legend that Judas Iscariot hanged himself on one of the trees. Juniper - " Succour." " Protection."

King-Clips - " Desire of riches."


Laburnum - " Forsaken." " Pensive beauty." Commonly called " Golden Rain."

Lady's Slipper - " Capricious beauty." " Win me and wear me."

Lantana - " Rigour."

Larch - " Audacity." " Boldness."

Larkspur - " Lightness." " Levity." This flower receives its name from the curious shape of its seed-vessels, which resemble joints and claws of a bird's foot.

Larkspur (Pink)-" Fickleness."

Larkspur (Purple)-" Haughtiness."

Laurel - " Glory." According to tradition, the laurel was once a fair maiden, Daphne, daughter of the river-god Peneus. One day Apollo pursued her with unwelcome attentions, and she fled in dismay before him, but he, being stronger and fleeter of foot, had well-nigh overtaken her, when Peneus, in answer to her piteous appeal for help, transformed her into the laurel, which now grows so abundantly upon that river's banks. Determined not to be entirely baulked of his prey, Apollo gathered sprays of the shining laurel, and binding them into a chaplet, adorned his head with them, exclaiming, " Since thou canst not be my bride, thou shalt at least henceforth be my tree - sacred ever to me."

Laurel (in flower) - " Perfidy."

Laurel (Ground) - " Perseverance."

Laurel (Mountain) - " Ambition."

Lavender - " Distrust." This pretty mauve flower, which so well deserves the title of " Sweet Lavender," was given the meaning of " Distrust " from the curious belief that asps always made lavender bushes their favourite resort, so that one needed to approach the plant most cautiously to avoid a poisonous bite. The ancients used it largely to perfume their baths, whence its name, which is derived from the Latin " lavare," to wash. To be continued.

Fresh Young Hearts and the Pure Gold of Affection - The Schoolboy in Love - The Young Girl's

Hero - The Youth of Eighteen in Love

There are a great many people in the world who are very inclined to ridicule that which they cannot understand.

For this reason the love which exists between a boy and girl is generally designated " calf love," and yet this calf love is nearly always the pure gold of affection without the alloy of passion. It exists in fresh young hearts which have not as yet been sullied by contact with the world ; it is like a clear fire burning brightly and steadily which leaves white, clean ashes when the flames are gone.

It manifests itself from the earliest age, and at the different periods of life makes itself felt in various ways.

Baby Lovers

Sometimes little boys and girls will single each other out at their baby parties, and elect to spend their time together. Very often they are far too shy to exchange a word, but are quite content to sit side by side holding each other's hands. They will munch an apple between them or share a bag of sticky sweets. It would be impossible for either of them to tell why they were attracted to each other. But, nevertheless, the feeling is there. And many of the " grown-up" elements are there, too, in embryo.

The little boy will sulk should his baby companion stray away to another little boy, and the tiny girl will " want to go home " should another of her own sex and size inveigle her cavalier from her side. Very often the babies will remain faithful to each other till a separation comes, and then in a very short time the little episode will be forgotten, and the loving heart that worshipped one divinity will bow before another shrine.

Then there is the stage of schoolboy worship when a boy will fall head over ears in love with a girl, and be mortally ashamed to own it. Very often, indeed, he is too shy to let the object of his devotion discover his affection, or he may just let her find it out without any spoken word from him. Girls are much less shy at this age than boys, and generally their perceptions are keen.; and they know without being told for whom a lad is waiting when he is found idling with hands in his pockets outside the gate of the High School for Girls.

The Schoolgirl's Hero

At the school age, girls rarely let their fancies rest on boys who are their own contemporaries. Their girlish hero is generally someone much older than themselves, and quite beyond their reach. Sometimes they worship heroes of their own imagining, and wait for the day to come when they may meet him in real life. But no healthy-minded boy ever wastes his time on shadows; if he loves, he loves a maiden of flesh and blood, pink cheeks, and roguish eyes. But it is only after school age that this "calf love " has any real effect upon a man's life.

It is very seldom that a man marries a girl with whom he has been in love at eighteen, though rarely in later life does he love with so great a fervour.

At eighteen, love comes in an overwhelming flood, sweeping away everything that has ever mattered or ever will matter. At eighteen it is the entire universe; and the love that comes then will probably influence a man's future life in no small degree.

A young man's first love is a wonderful thing ; it brings with it an unquestioning faith, a limitless belief in the woman who has awakened it, and in whose hands lies a great responsibility. Many women laugh at the devotion they have inspired in the heart of a lad a good many years younger than themselves. They do not realise that to them is given the power to mould his future career; that in them he sees not only a woman, but his ideal for every woman.

The Youth Of Eighteen

One often hears a woman say, who has treated a young lover badly : " He's only a boy; he'll get over it." Very likely he will, but in the process of "getting over it " he will lose something he may never regain. The joy of living will never be so intense nor the belief in his fellow-creatures so absolute. In the process of " getting over it " his nature will be hardened, his faith in womankind shattered. And there is a great danger of his going to the bad altogether, because youth is so prone to go to extremes.

They say a man very seldom marries his first love. I believe this is true, but there generally exists in some corner of his heart a very tender memory for that first romance. Nothing else ever is or ever can be quite the same; and, though a deeper love may come afterwards, it can never come with the same freshness as that which came to the boy at the opening of his manhood.

At every stage in life the average man is strongly influenced by woman, but at no stage are they as susceptible to that influence as when they are in the throes of that which is styled " calf love." If only girls and women would realise this, many young fellows would grow into nobler men. An older man is far better able to take care of himself. Besides, he can discriminate better, and probably will not deem the whole sex dross because one woman is not pure gold.

The most beautiful things can be made the subject for a jest, the most sacred things can be turned into ridicule, but with it all there are a great many things more deserving of laughter than the first love which lives in the heart of a boy or a girl.