Required: About half a pound of cold beef or mutton. Two tomatoes.

One ounce of butter or good dripping. Half an ounce of flour. Three ounces of macaroni.

Half a pint of stock. One small onion or shallot. Salt and pepper. (Sufficient for three or four.)

Break the macaroni into pieces about an inch long, then boil it in plenty of fast-boiling salted water until it is tender, then drain it well. Remove all skin from the beef or mutton, and chop the meat coarsely.

Melt the butter in a stewpan, chop the onion finely and fry it a golden brown in the butter, then shake in the flour and fry that also; lastly, add the stock, and stir until it boils. The stock should be made from the trimmings of the meat with an onion and a small bunch of parsley and herbs.

Shepherd's Pie, a favourite method of re heating cold meat

Shepherd's Pie, a favourite method of re-heating cold meat

Next stir the chopped meat into the sauce after seeing that it is nicely seasoned, and let it heat through gently.

Arrange the cooked macaroni as a border "round an au gratin dish. Put the meat mixture in the middle; cut the tomatoes in thin slices, and arrange them, slightly overlapping each other, over the meat. Put the dish in the oven until its contents are hot through, then serve at once.

Cost, Is. 3d.