Required : One pound of fillet of beef. Half a pint of Espagnole sauce. A little glaze. One ounce of butter.

Two tablespoonfuls of lean, cooked ham. Two or three carrots. Half a cucumber. (Sufficient for four.)

Cut the peeled cucumber and scraped carrots into balls the size of large marbles. Boil these separately in boiling stock or water until tender, then drain them, and keep them hot until needed. Cut the fillet into rounds the size of the top of a claret-glass. The best way is to place a cutter this size on the meat, and then cut it round with a knife.

The little fillets will then be all the same shape and size. Brush each over with a little warmed butter, and grill them over a clear sharp fire for about eight to ten minutes. They should be slightly underdone. While they are grilling, chop the ham to a fine powder, and mix it well into the butter. Add a few grains of cayenne and shape it into a flat pat about a quarter of an inch thick. Take a small cutter and stamp out neat little rounds of this ham and butter, one for each fillet.

When the fillets are cooked, brush each over with a little warmed glaze. Next, thin the glaze down a little, and roll the carrot and cucumber balls about in it.

Make a semicircle of hot mashed potatoes, or use a croute of bread, and dish the fillets neatly upon it. Put a pat of ham-butter on the top of each.

Strain the Espagnole sauce round, and arrange the balls of carrot and cucumber in front.

Cost, about 2S. 4d.