Sight Tests. Can You Read Them?

At A Distance Of 4 To 4 1/2 Feet

You should be able to read this print in a good light without undue strain of the eyes.

At 5 1/2 Feet

This larger type can be read if you have what is called a perfect eye.

At 7 Feet

This type should be quite clear.

At l6 Feet

Read This

Test each eye separately.

Test for Reading

If you are over forty and can road this type at a distance of 10 inches from the eye your eyesight is still young.

Test for Short Sight

Can you read this type at 24 inches?

The fairest action of our human life Is scorning to revenge an injury;

For who forgives, without a further strife, His adversary's heart to him doth tie.

And 'tis a firmer conquest truly said,

To win the heart than overthrow the head.

Tests for Astigmatism

Tests for Astigmatism

If some lines appear more distinctly than others in the same figure, or any of the lines seem blurred or vague, the eyes are astigmatic, and glasses are required. That means the eye cannot see vertical and horizontal lines equally well. This is a great hindrance to reading, as letters are made up of lines of different directions, and a frequent cause of headache and "weak sight." It is due to unevenness or want of symmetry of the front of the eyeball, which can be corrected by eyeglasses. Test each eye separately.

Causes Of Weak Sight

1. Some error of refraction, such as long sight, short sight, or astigmatism.

2. Reading in a bad light and straining the eyes.

3. Reading in trains, trams, and tubes. The vibration causes great difficulty in focussing and consequent strain.

4. Over-use of the eyes, especially if the health is run down after illness or over-work.

Symptoms Of Weak Sight

1. Fatigue of the eyes after reading, sewing, or writing.

2. Confusion of vision and blurring of type.

3. Headache.


1. Examination of the eyes by a medical oculist, and the correction of any error of refraction by glasses.

2. Attention to the general health.

3. Read in a good light always.

4. Rest the eyes systematically and get plenty of sleep.