Required: One raw white of egg.

One tablespoonful of water or fruit syrup.

About one pound of icing sugar.

Cochineal and raspberry essence.

Maraschino or other liqueur.

Chocolate powder and vanilla.

Coating chocolate and desiccated cocoanut.

Rub the icing sugar through a fine hair sieve. Put the white of egg into a basin, and add to it the water, which must be strongly flavoured with some liqueur unless fruit syrup is used. Stir into this gradually enough of the sugar, using the spatula or wooden spoon, to make the mixture sufficiently dry, yet pliable enough to be easily moulded in the fingers.

Slightly dust the board with sieved icing sugar, and knead the fondant until it is very smooth. Divide it into three portions. Colour one with cochineal, and flavour it with raspberry essence. The second portion make a pretty chocolate brown, using finely grated chocolate, and add vanilla essence. Leave the third piece its natural colour, using any flavouring desired. The success of this sweetmeat depends on artistic tinting and the blending of the flavourings employed.

Roll each portion out on the board or marble slab to about one-eighth of an inch in thickness. Endeavour to keep each piece in the same oblong or square shape, as then waste is avoided when cutting up the mixture. Arrange the colours on each other, brushing between each slab with a little cold water.

Press them firmly together, trim the edges evenly, and brush over the top with a little melted coating chocolate. Let this surface dry; then turn the sweetmeat over and coat the other side in a similar manner. Sprinkle over all a little finely desiccated cocoanut, and with a sharp knife cut into oblong slices, cubes, or other shapes.

When quite dry, which is usually about the day after they are made, they can be used.

Note. Many other colourings can be used, and also flavourings, according to individual wishes. The surface can be sprinkled with finely chopped browned almonds or pistachio nuts, for the sake of variety, if liked, or with "hundreds and thousands."

Cost, about I0d.

Dates stuffed with almond paste are delicious. Muscatels may be treated in the same manner

Dates stuffed with almond paste are delicious. Muscatels may be treated in the same manner