Required: Two gallons of water. Three pounds of coarse salt. Two ounces of saltpetre.

Put all the ingredients into a saucepan, boil them fast, removing all scum most carefully. Then test if the brine is sufficiently strong; to do this, put an egg or a small unpeeled, washed potato into it; if it floats, the brine is correct. Strain it into the pickling vessel or tub, and use when quite cold.

Wash the meat or tongue, pierce holes in the beef if it is very thick, and rub dry salt over it. Make a deep incision near the thick end of the tongue to allow the pickle to penetrate.

Lay it in the pickle, making sure that it is completely immersed. Leave beef in the brine from a week to fourteen days. Tongues will take from fourteen to twenty-one days according to size. Each day remove any scum which may rise during pickling. Keep the pickling vessel covered with a clean cloth.