Required: One quart of milk. Five ounces of rice.

Two and a half ounces of castor sugar. Two teaspoonfuls of vanilla. Tinned apricots or peaches. Half a pint of cream. Put the milk in a pan on the fire, and well wash the rice. When the milk boils, sprinkle in the rice. Put the lid on the pan and simmer very gently till the milk and rice are quite thick. You should just be able to pour them into the mould. When thick, add the sugar and vanilla.

Rinse out the mould with cold water, and line it round the bottom and sides with pieces of apricot or peaches, choosing firm, unbroken halves. Put the uncut sides against the mould. Now very gently pour in the rice, taking care not to disturb the fruit. Put it in a cold place till set; then carefully slip the mould out on to a glass dish.

Just before serving, slightly whip half a pint of cream till it will only just pour from the spoon. Flavour it with castor sugar and some of the syrup from the fruit, and arrange it over and round the mould. Cost, Is. I0d.