Scullery Sink: its Position, Cleaning, and Daily Treatment - Daily and Weekly Care of Water - closet Pans - How to test Drains - House Refuse - Ash-bins: their Contents - Bath Pipes - Test of Water - Test of Filters - How to make a Filter - Frost - Hot-water Supply.

So many works have been written on the subject of Domestic Economy - which includes a full explanation of drainage and the points to be borne in mind in connection with it - that it is unnecessary to do more here than speak of the care and cleansing of sinks and drains.

Scullery Sink


This should be placed against the outside wall of a scullery. The waste-pipe leading from it should be taken through the wall, and should open into the air about 12 inches above the gully trap which leads into the drain.

After dirty water has been thrown down a sink, a little clean cold water should be allowed to run down after, so that both traps may contain clean, not impure liquid.

Refuse Pieces

Refuse pieces should not be allowed to collect on a sink, but should be placed in a sink basket (enamel ones cost 1/-) and then burnt. A few coffee grounds will help to cleanse the pipe, but the bulk of the coffee dregs should be burnt. Tea-leaves must not be allowed to go down, as they would block the pipe. All water in which green vegetables have been cooked, and very dirty cleaning water, must be thrown down the outside trap.

Cleansing Pipes

Daily a can of hot soda-water should be thrown down the scullery sink. After it pour a can of boiling water to melt the soap which will form on the inside of the pipe, being composed of the soda and grease. If the pipe should become obstructed, unscrew B (in diagram), use a pliable cane, and pour down strong caustic soda-water.

Cleansing Pipes 4

A shows the U-shaped bend in which there should always be a supply of clean water to cut off any smell. B is a little screw-tap placed in the centre of the bend to admit of the pipe being cleared fro?n any obstruction with a pliable stick or cane. C shows the water resting in the gully-trap, making assurance doubly sure by again cutting off any smell which might arise from the drain.

To Clean A Sink

Daily wash the tiles and scrub the sink with hot soda-water, rinsing it thoroughly with hot, and then with cold water.

To Clean A Lead Sink

Purchase one pennyworth of pearlash, one pennyworth of soft soap, and one pennyworth of fuller's earth. Mix these ingredients thoroughly, gradually adding one quart of boiling water. Keep in an old tin or basin, daily rub the sink with a flannel dipped in this mixture, rinsing thoroughly.

Weekly Treatment

Dissolve one ounce of permanganate of potash in three pints of boiling water. A little should be poured down every sink, both inside and outside the house, every water-closet, bath, and lavatory basin.