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Household Books

Household management, housekeeping and house making books

-Every Woman's Encyclopaedia 1
Volume 1 of articles relevant to women's life in society
-Every Woman's Encyclopaedia 2
Volume 2 of articles relevant to women's life in society
-Every Woman's Encyclopaedia 3
Volume 3 of articles relevant to women's life in society
-Every Woman's Encyclopaedia 4
Volume 4 of articles relevant to women's life in society
-The Home Cyclopedia Of Cooking And Housekeeping | by Charles Morris
A book of practical recipes for the kitchen, for the nursery, for the sewing-room - how to make delicious dishes for the table - useful recipes for the care of furniture and carpets, clothing and house utensils - suggestions for home decoration and the care of flowers and pet animals. A model cook book.
-The Profession Of Home Making | by Chicago American School Of Home Economics
A condensed home-study course on domestic science; the practical application of the most recent advances in the arts and sciences to the home industries prepared by teachers of recognized authority for home-makers, mothers, teachers, physicians, nurses, dietitians, professional home managers, and all interested in home, health and economy
-Miss Beecher's Housekeeper And Healthkeeper
This volume embraces, in a concise form, many valuable portions of my other works on Domestic Economy, both those published by Harper and Brothers and those published by J. B. Ford and Co., together with other new and interesting matter. It is designed to be a complete encyclopaedia of all that relates to a woman's duties as housekeeper, wife, mother, and nurse.
-Common Sense In The Household. A Manual Of Practical Housewifery | by Marion Harland
To my fellow-housekeepers, north, east, south and west, this volume, the gleanings of many years, is cordially dedicated.
-A Manual Of Home-Making
Herein is brought together a collection of precepts and advice on the setting up and management of a home. The book is written and compiled primarily for those women who are managing households, not for those who are teaching or who are students in the class-room. It has been the purpose to bring together from many reliable sources the guiding rules to be followed in making the home a place where the family can live a thrifty and joyous life. It is compiled by those who understand the subject and the situation.
-Foods And Household Management | by Helen Kinne
This volume, like its companion, Shelter and Clothing, is in-tended for use in the course in household arts in the high school and normal school, whether the work be vocational or general in its aim. It is hoped that both volumes will prove useful in the home as well, including as they do a treatment of the homecrafts, and the related topics now so significant to the home maker, - the cost and purchasing of foods and clothing, the cost of operating, the management of the home, and questions of state and city sanitation vital to the health of the individual family.
-Manual Of Household Work And Management | by Annie Butterworth
It has been written by one who is a specialist on the subject, and who has spent many years in giving instruction in the practical management of a house, etc., to all classes of women. The various subjects included in the term "household work and management" have been dealt with in this small book. It contains valuable information on the proper management of a house, obtained by practical experience. It is a book that will be useful, not only to those who propose training as teachers of the domestic sciences, but to all those who undertake the management of a home.
-Housekeeper's Handy Book | by Lucia Millet Baxter
While the writer was visiting friends in their country home not long ago, many questions of domestic economy came up. It was suggested that a book devoted to such matters would be of service to many housekeepers. This work is the result.
-Practical Housekeeping | by Estelle Woods Wilcox
A Careful Compilation Of Tried And Approved Recipes
-The New Cyclopaedia of Domestic Economy, and Practical Housekeeper | by Elizabeth Fries Ellet
Adapted to all classes of society and comprising subjects connected with the interests of every family; such as domestic education, houses, furniture, duties of mistress, duties of domestics, the storeroom, marketing, table and attendance, care and training of children, care of the sick, preparation of food for children and invalids, preservation of health, domestic medicine, the art of cookery, perfumery, the toilet, cosmetics, and five thousand practical receipts and maxims from the best english, french, german, and american sources.
-Warne's Model Housekeeper | by Ross Murray
A manual of domestic economy in all its branches.

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