For making Chocolate Syrup For Use At The Soda Fountain.

This extract is in the form of a very fine powder, thus making it very soluble. Contains No Cocoa Butter, Sugar, Starch, or Flour.

Put up in 5 lb. Tins. Price 65c per lb.


Dissolve One Half Pound Rowntree's Extract of Cocoa in one pint of Hot Water, add that solution to five pounds of Granulated Sugar and One Half Gallon Water, and bring the whole to a gentle boil, flavor with a little Vanilla Extract. The above will make One Gallon of the most delicious Chocolate Syrup.

Or, use one-half pound of the Extract with one gallon of Syrup and mix when the Syrup is hot.

The following will show the dealer the actual cost of producing this most delicious Chocolate syrup, and illustrate the economy of using

Rowntree's Extract of Cocoa

One-Half Pound of which produces (owing to its extreme strength) better results than can be obtained from A Pound of any other Chocolate preparation:

1/2 lb. Rowntree's Extract of Cocoa at 65c per lb.


5 " Granulated Sugar at 5c per lb.


1/2 gallon Water,


Extract Vanilla to suit taste, about


Actual cost of one Gallon Chocolate Syrup,


Serving 2 ozs. Syrup to a glass (really more than is necessary), 1 gallon. 128 ozs.. costing 65c, will draw 64 glasses Chocolate Soda, making the actual cost per glass, ready to serve. but one rent.

In using the Rowntree Extract or Cocoa you will not offend your customers by drawing a greasy class of Chocolate Soda. which is very obnoxious as well as unsightly, but you can give them, by using these goods, an article that is more than satisfactory. Send an order for a sample 5 lb. tin, and a trial will convince you it is as represented.

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It is said of a noted anti foreign product personage of the past, that, although he would have only carpets and upholstery of American make, still a Turkish rug or two could be found among his possessions. So we, while presuming to give formulas for the manufacture of flavoring extracts, use and recommend a few for which formulas are not given in this book.

Joseph Harrop.

To properly compound the various formulas in this book, it is essential that the ingredients should be of the purest and most select character. They will be so if they come from the laboratory of Beach & Clarridge. No specialists surpass Messrs. B. & C. in experience and ability, and the high quality of their preparations is attested by their thousands of patrons among the leading soda water dispensers of the world.

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Flavoring Extracts. V

The Foundation Of Perfect Soda.





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Rowntree s Extract of Cocoa 1

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