Take 1 cup of raw peanut butter, 1 cup of tomato squeezed through a cheese-cloth, 1 cup of corn-starch, and 1 heaping teaspoonful of salt; mix all together very thoroughly and beat for five minutes. Make a bag of thick muslin, cutting it out the shape of a fish, and sew it up on a machine, having the stitch quite short, so the mixture will not work through. Leave a hole in the end of the tail large enough to insert a small funnel, and pour the mixture into the funnel, letting it run down into the bag. The above mixture is sufficient to make a trout eight inches long. When full, tie it with a stout twine, lay it on a tin so the back will be up, and steam in a steam-cooker for one hour. Remove from the cooker, and with the shears or sharp knife rip the bag open from the head to the tail, and carefully pull it off from the fish. Take a raw potato and cut it into quite thin slices lengthwise; cut one of the slices in the shape of a fish's tail-fin, cutting ridges in it to represent the bones, and slightly notch it on the end. Cut a slash in the tail of the fish and insert the fin, using a little of the white of an egg, and fastening it with two pins, which, after the fish is baked, should be removed. With another slice of potato form the back fin, and cut a slash in the back long enough to insert the potato fin; also insert small slices of potato made to represent the gills and the fins near the gills. Then with a little charcoal and water (part of a charcoal tablet will do) rub the head and back with it, making the head almost black, and the back quite a dark drab, but growing lighter down on the sides. With a sharp knife cut a mouth and some small round holes for the eyes, filling the cavities of the eyes with cranberry jelly cut round; also stick some small round pieces of the jelly on .the sides of the fish to represent the red spots of a trout. Then beat the white of an egg just enough to break it, but not enough to make it frothy; baste the fish with this, being careful not to move the jelly, but be sure and cover each piece with egg, so it will not melt when heated in the oven. Place in the oven for the egg to set and the potato fins to slightly brown. When done, put on a platter, garnish with parsley, and serve with mashed potatoes.

Baked Trout.

Baked Trout