Ornament the table with a dish of ferns and carnations. The stems should be long and graceful, and carelessly arranged in an old-fashioned china bowl, or a glass dish without feet or stem. Or a pretty pot-plant in full bloom makes a very pretty centerpiece set upon an oval-shaped mat of velvet or plush, the color of which will contrast with the color of the blossoms.

Soup. Vegetable oyster served with crackers.

nut Lobster. Made of roasted pine-nuts.

Cutlets Of nutS. With this course serve canned peas and stuffed tomatoes

Roast Venison. See directions for making vegetable roast. With this course serve a nice gravy, currant or grape jelly in orange baskets, stuffed potatoes and mock chicken salad.

Drink. Brazil-nut coffee.

Breads. Raised bread and buns.

Dessert. Mince pie and nut cream cake.

Fruit. Bananas, white grapes, oranges, and late pears.

Recipes for these various dishes are given in this book.

Notice.- Before attempting to prepare any of the dishes described in this book, the reader is requested to study the articles on "Foods" and "Combination of Foods," as well as the articles on each class of foods, and thus be certain of the highest success.