Cocoanut Pudding No. 1

Take the milk of the cocoanut and enough water to make 1 1/2 quarts. Grind the cocoanut through the nut mill. Add 2 tablespoonfuls of the ground cocoanut to the water, and simmer or cook in a double boiler for twenty minutes, until the flavor and oil are given off in the water, then strain. To the flavored water add 1 1/2 cups of boiled rice, 1 cup of seeded raisins or seedless ones, 1/2 cup of sugar, and 3 well-beaten eggs. Turn into a pudding dish, put into a pan of hot water, and bake until the custard sets. Serve either warm or cold.

Cocoanut Pudding No. 2

Take 2 cups of white zwieback pulverized, 3/4 cup of ground cocoanut, 1/2 teaspoonful of vanilla, 3 eggs, 1 1/2 pints of water, 1/2 teaspoonful of salt, and 1 cup of sugar. Beat the eggs very light, add the sugar, and beat again. Add the other ingredients, and stir until smooth. Bake in an oiled pudding dish three fourths of an hour.