Corn contains about three times as much fatty matter as the other grains. It is not so easily digested as wheat, and is not a suitable diet for some stomachs. Corn contains 9.7 per cent. of albuminous elements, 69.5 per cent. of starch, 3.8 per cent. of free fats, and 1.3 per cent. of salts, making a total nutritive value of 84.3 per cent. Corn should be cooked a long time in order to make it more digestible.

Corn Mush

Mix thoroughly together 2 cups of corn-meal, 2 table-spoonfuls of white flour, and 1 pint of warm water. Turn this mixture very slowly into 1 quart of boiling water, stirring constantly, and being careful that it does not cease boiling. Cook in a double boiler three or four hours. The common idea that corn-meal mush can be made in a few minutes is what has ruined many a stomach, and made many life-long dyspeptics.

Corn-Meal And Walnuts

Into 4 cups of boiling water stir ` cup of corn-meal; continue stirring until it is smooth and quite thick. Then add 1 cup of walnut meal, and pour it into a well-oiled bake-pan, and steam it for six hours. Then place in the oven a few minutes to brown on top. Cut it in slices, and serve with a nut gravy.


Pop-corn is the smallest of the maize family, and contains more oil than the other varieties. When oils are heated to a certain degree of temperature, they turn into gas, which, although very light, occupies a great deal more space than the oil. As it can not escape through the hull of the kernel, the pressure finally becomes so great that it bursts the kernel, and the explosion also bursts the starch cells, and makes it easy of digestion. For this reason, pop-corn forms an excellent food. Ground pop-corn is excellent eaten with nut milk, and can be used in making mushes and puddings.

Pop-Corn Popped

Shell the corn from the cob, and remove the chaff in the wind by pouring from one dish to another. Then place in Family Peanut Roaster, and set over a gasoline burner or gas-stove, and turn the crank until the corn is popped.