The cranberry is the fruit of a small, slender vine growing in marshy places. The fruit is round or oblong and of a bright red color. The flesh is quite hard and firm, and is covered with a thick, waxy skin, which is germ- and waterproof. For this reason, they are long keepers; freezing spoils them if they are allowed to thaw, but if they are kept frozen until used, they are just as good. The skin is quite hard of digestion, and those having weak stomachs, would better reject them. The cranberry is quite acid, containing two and three-tenths per cent. It is not a very nutritious fruit, having a nutritive value of only four and one-tenth per cent.

The juice of the cranberry is excellent in cases of fever, diluted with water and used as a drink. It is also good in coloring puddings, frostings, soups, etc.