Take 1 pint of raw nut milk, and cook it for three hours in a double boiler, stirring it quite often to keep it from getting lumpy. Then to 1 cup of the cooked milk to which has been added 1 teaspoonful of salt, add 1 level tablespoonful of white flour, which has been rubbed smooth in a little cold water, and let it cook in the double boiler for fifteen or twenty minutes, that the flour may be well cooked; then add the well-beaten yolk of 1 egg, and if desired, a little thick, raw peanut cream may also be added to give it more richness. Do not cook but a minute after the egg and cream are added, and stir it constantly or the egg will curdle. Pour while hot into a mold (a wooden butter-mold will do if it is tight). Wet the mold with cold water, and set in a cool place until perfectly cold clear through; then turn it upon the butter-dish, and it is ready for use. Some prefer it rather than the diluted nut butter. It very much resembles butter, and slices and spreads easily. Try it.