Breakfast No. J

Grains : corn meal.

Toast : strawberry.

Breads : rolls, graham gems, crisps.

Nut Foods : sliced nutmeato, nut butter.

Fruits : stewed (peach); fresh (pears and apples). Drinks : hot nut milk, peanut coffee.

Breakfast No. 2

Grains : wheaten grits.

Toast : nut foam.

Breads : corn-meal pancakes, beaten biscuit, graham rolls. Nut foods : sausage, nut butter. Fruits : stewed (cranberry); fresh (apples, grapes). Drinks : hot hickory milk, filbert coffee,

Breakfast No. 3

Grains : steamed rice with fig sauce

Toast : almond broth.

Breads : unleavened biscuit, raised bread, rolls.

Nut Foods : nut butter, fruitosia.

Fruits : stewed (cherry); fresh (bananas, plums). Drinks : hot nut milk

Dinner No. J

Soups : fruit.

Grains : pearl barley with fig sauce.

Breads : crackers, crisps, raised bread.

Nut Foods : vegetable roast, nut gravy, nut butter.

Fruits : stewed (strawberry or huckleberry); fresh (cherries).. Dessert : berry pie.

Dinner No. 2

Soup : lentil.

Grains : granola with hot nut milk.

Breads : granose cakes, croutons, salt-rising bread. Nut Foods : mock veal loaf, nut gravy, nut butter. Fruits : stewed (plum); fresh (peaches and pears). Dessert : peanut cream cake.

Dinner No. 3

Soup : peanut milk.

Grains : dry granose with malt.

Breads : croutons, buns, raised bread.

Nut Foods: nut meato steak with peanut gravy, nut butter. Fruits : stewed (peaches with cocoanut cream); fresh (grapes). Dessert : apple pie.