Nut Oil No. 1

Prepare cocoanut the same as for making cocoanut cream; then grind it through a nut-butter mill until it is quite fine. To 1 cup of this add 5 or 6 cups of water, and boil in a kettle for an hour; then set in a cool place, and the oil will rise to the top, and will become hard like tallow if the temperature is not higher than fifty degrees above zero. The sediment will settle to the bottom, leaving the oil white and clear, retaining a delicate cocoanut flavor.

Nut Oil No. 2

Take 2 cups of medium-brown peanut butter; add to it 1 scant cup of malt extract; mix well, and knead like bread until it is very oily; then grind it through the nut-butter mill, and squeeze out what oil you can with the hands, and grind it through the mill the second time. Squeeze again thoroughly. This ought easily to make one cup of oil.

The remainder can be used in making malt food. (See directions for making malt food.)

Oil can be extracted from butter made from other nuts by the foregoing method.

If there is any sediment or particles of the nuts in the oil, let it stand, and they will settle, when the top can be poured off, and will be clear, nice oil.

Nut Oil No. 3

Take 2 cups of peanut butter, or the butter made from any nuts; add to it 1 cup of scrghum (or any thick) molassei; mix and knead until it is very oily, and finish the same as Nut Oil No. 2.

Nut Oil No. 4

When making fruitosia, the sweetness of the fruit will start the oil, and after it is ground through the mill, some of the oil may be pressed out, and the food will then be rich enough. In an ordinary family this will furnish oil enough for oiling pans, etc.