Take 1 pint of raw peanut milk, and cook in a double boiler for two hours, stirring occasionally to keep it from being lumpy or from separating. At the same time the soup is put on, prepare some vegetable oysters by scraping, and cutting in diagonal, crosswise slices in such a way that the slices will be larger and more the shape of an oyster. Place them in one side of a granite basin, and put the smaller parts of the oysters and the little ones on the other side of the dish. Put into a steam-cooker, and cook for one hour. When done, drop the large slices into the soup, and the little ones and small ends should be sifted through a wire sieve or a colander and then added to the soup. Add salt, and more water if it is too thick.

Have ready some raised dumplings. If the sponge is set early in the morning, they will be ready to put in the steam-cooker about half past ten. Take I cup of any good white bread sponge, add 1/4 cup of quite thick raw peanut cream, and 1 egg (the egg may be omitted). Work all together, and add flour to form into very small biscuits. Place them far apart on an oiled tin. Put them in a warm place to rise. When more than twice their original size, put in the steam-cooker and cook for one and one-half or two hours. Cooking does not hurt them. When the soup is ready, put the dumplings into the soup, and let them stew together for ten or twenty minutes. The soup should not be too thick.

This is very nice.