In nutritive value they are the same as carrots or parsnips. In flavor they resemble the oyster, and are excellent for making soups.

Salsify With Egg Sauce

Select fresh vegetable oysters, and let them stand in cold water for one hour or more before scraping. Then remove the skins by means of a sharp knife, and drop into a pan with enough cold water to cover. The cold water will prevent them from turning black. When all are scraped, slice into a granite kettle or double boiler of hot water, and let cook until tender. They should be quite dry when done. Salt should be added a little before they are done. Then put into the dish in which they are to be served, and pour over them an egg gravy according to the recipe. (See index.) Serve hot.

Escalloped Salsify

Prepare the salsify, or vegetable oysters, like the preceding recipe, and when tender, place a layer of the oysters in the bottom of a pudding dish, and sprinkle over the top a little zwieola, then another layer of oysters and more zwieola, letting the zwieola be on top. Pour over the whole a sauce made of nut milk, a little salt, and 1 egg. Let it stand for a while to soak through to the bottom of the dish. There should be enough nut milk thoroughly to moisten the whole. Bake twenty or thirty minutes.