Roasted peanuts are blanched quite easily. The best and quickest method is with a blanching machine made for that purpose. But they can be blanched quite rapidly by rubbing them upon a sieve made of coarse wire, or they may be blanched by putting a few at a time in a coarse cloth or bag, and rubbing between the hands. The skins can then be removed by pouring from one dish into another and using an ordinary fan, or where the wind is blowing. There is a fan in the blanching machine, so when it is used the nuts are free from chaff as they come from the machine.


Almonds may be blanched by pouring over them boiling water, and letting them stand for a few minutes until the skins become loose. Then by pressing the nut between the thumb and finger the kernel will jump out of its jacket.

Some variety of almonds can be blanched by heating in the oven until they are hot, but not browned in the least. Set them in a cool, dry place; and when cold, the skins can be rubbed off the same as roasted peanuts.


Put the filberts on a tin in the oven, and let them get hot, but do not brown in the least. As soon as they get hot, the skins will begin to crack; then cool, and they will rub off easily.

Do not roast the nuts, as roasting spoils the flavor.


Put the shelled walnuts on a tin in the oven just long enough to get hot. Then remove, and when cool, rub off the skins. They may also be blanched by putting in boiling water for a few minutes; but they can not be blanched so fast in this way.


Remove from the shell as whole as possible, and then place in the oven until they are heated through. When cool, the skins will rub off easily.

Brazil-nuts can be blanched in the same way.