Peanuts No. 1

Take some peanuts that have been blanched and looked over, pour cold water over them, and drain. Then. place on granite pie-tins, sprinkle generously with fine table salt, and bake in a moderate oven until they are perfectly dry and crisp.

Peanuts that are not blanched can be salted in the same way.

Peanuts that are salted in this way do not have the oily appearance that those do which have been salted the ordinary way, - with butter; and they do not become rancid as soon.

Peanuts No. 2

If it is desired to salt with the skins on, take them hot from the roaster or oven, and for each quart pour over 1/2 tablespoonful of nut oil; mix well that each kernel may be oiled on all sides, then sprinkle generously with salt, and mix again.

If it is desired to have the nuts blanched before salting, they must be allowed to get cold after roasting, so that the skins can be easily removed. After looking over the nuts, pour over them 1 tablespoonful of hot nut oil. Mix well, and sprinkle on salt, and mix again.

Nuts salted in this way, should be eaten as soon after salting as possible, or they will become rancid.

Almonds No. 1

Take some almonds that have been blanched, pour cold water over them, and drain. Then sprinkle with fine table salt, mix thoroughly, and bake to a nice straw color.

Almonds No. 2

Put blanched almonds in the oven, and toast to a nice straw color; remove from the oven, and while hot, pour over them 1 tablespoonful of nut oil for each quart of almonds. Mix well, and sprinkle with salt; mix again thoroughly, and when cool, serve.


Wash the nuts in water, drain, and sprinkle with salt, mixing it in well. Then place in the oven until the` are toasted to a straw color. Toasting very much improves the taste of the pine-nut.


First blanch the filberts, then pour over them some cold water, and drain. Sprinkle generously with fine table salt, and after mixing well, place in the oven to dry, but do not brown in the least, as it hurts the flavor of the filbert to toast it.

Walnuts, Hickory-Nuts, Pecans, Butternut, Etc

These may be salted in the same way as other nuts, but toasting does not improve the taste of these nuts; they should be placed in the oven only long enough to dry.