Canned Cape Gooseberry Pudding

Butter a pudding dish, put in a layer of bread, cut in thin slices and buttered, then a layer of canned berries. If the berries are not already sweetened, sprinkle on a little sugar. Continue the layers until the dish is nearly full. Bake about half-an-hour in a moderate oven. Serve with sugar and cream or hard sauce.

Apricot Tapioca

Drain canned apricots from the syrup, then soak 1 cup tapioca in 3 cups of the syrup, for one hour. Cook until transparent, sweeten to taste and serve with the canned apricots and cream or custard.

Fruit Souffle

Any kind of fruit, either fresh or preserved may be used. When canned fruit is used, drain from syrup before proceeding further. Rub one cup of fruit pulp through a sieve, sweeten if necessary and heat. Add the stiffly-beaten whites of three eggs and a few grains of salt to the hot fruit pulp, and beat thoroughly. Turn into a buttered baking-dish, set in a pan of hot water and bake until firm.

Orange And Macaroon Pudding

Soak one-third of a pound of almond macaroons in a pint of milk until soft. Beat four eggs without separating, and add to them one-half cup sugar and the grated rind of one orange. Do not grate in any of the white pith, as it spoils the flavour. Stir this mixture carefully into the macaroons and add the juice of two oranges. Pour into a buttered mould and steam for one hour.

Peach Dumplings

Wash one cupful of rice, throw it into a saucepan of boiling salted water, and boil rapidly for 15 minutes, and then drain. Spread this on square dumpling-cloths, and put in the centre of the rice on each cloth one whole peach that has been pared and from which the stone has been pushed out. Fill the stone-space with rice, and gather up the cloths so that there will be a thin layer of rice all over each peach. Tie each dumpling into a piece of well-floured cloth and cook in gently boiling water for 50 to 60 minutes.

Casserole Of Quinces

Peel G large quinces, cut in halves and remove the cores Place in a buttered casserole or pie-dish, sprinkle 1/2 cup sugar over, add 1 cup water, 3 or 4 cloves, and 2 or 3 pieces of stick cinnamon to flavour. Dot pieces of butter on top, cover with the lid of another dish and put in a moderate oven to stew until done. Serve with whipped cream.

Strawberry Puddings

Beat together to a cream two tablespoons of butter, a half cup of sugar and one egg. Then add quarter of a cup of milk, a scant cup of lightly sifted flour mixed with two scant teaspoons of baking powder. Bake in small muffin-tins about twenty minutes, and when done remove the centres, fill with crushed sweetened strawberries, and put whole berries on top. Dust with powdered sugar and serve with rich, sweet cream.

Tapioca With Fresh Fruit

Soak 1 cup tapioca in 3 cups of cold water for one hour, then add 1/2 teaspoonful salt, 3/4 cup sugar, 1 cup raisins, and cook until transparent. Arrange in a buttered pudding dish, a layer of tapioca, then slices of fruit, and so on until dish is full. Put pieces of butter on top and bake in a moderate oven until fruit is cooked. Serve with sugar and cream. Any fresh fruit such as peaches, apricots, apples, bananas, etc., may be used. Dried fruits may also be used if previously soaked; but not cooked.