Apricot Cream

Rub some canned apricots through a sieve, after having drained off the syrup. Dissolve 1 oz. gelatine in 1 cup of the syrup, placed over the fire, then add

1 cup apricot purée or pulp, sweeten to taste, and gradually fold in 1 cup of whipped cream. Leave until it is on the point of setting, then pour the mixture into a mould which has been lined and decorated with strawberry jelly (the ready prepared packet jelly may be used for the purpose).

Apricot Mould

Take fresh stewed or canned apricots, drain from the syrup, and rub through a sieve. To 3 cups of syrup, allow 1/2 oz. of gelatine, which should be soaked for about ten minutes in a little cold water. Put the syrup on the fire, and when hot add the gelatine and dissolve. Remove from the fire, add the pulp, and allow to cool. Just as it begins to set stir in the stiffly beaten whites of 2 eggs or some whipped cream, and pour into a wet mould. Then leave until firm.