Pickled Eggs

Boil one and a half dozen eggs for 30 minutes, then cool in cold water and remove the shells. Put them into jars and pour over the following: - Bring two pints vinegar to the boil, add half ounce black pepper, half ounce whole allspice, half ounce whole ginger, four cloves, and one or two pieces of garlic, allow to simmer for 15 minutes before pouring over the eggs. Seal in air-tight jars. Will be ready in a month, and is excellent with cold meat.

Pickled Horseradish

Clean and scrape some horseradish, and put into clean, sterilised jars. Boil sufficient vinegar to cover, add some chillies and whole peppers, and a small piece of whole ginger. Pour hot over the horseradish and seal tightly. Will be ready for use in 14 days.