Cauliflowers. Salt.

Wash the cauliflowers, cut them into flowerets and pack in sterilized jars, pour in cold water until it overflows, allow one teaspoonful of salt to each jar, dip the covers in boiling water, place them on the jars, but do not seal tightly; allow for expansion.

Put a perforated rack in the bottom of the largest kettle of the fireless cooker, place the prepared jars on it and fill the kettle with cold water up to the necks of the jars. Place the cover on the kettle, put it on the fire, bring to a boil and boil for fifteen minutes. Place at once into the fireless cooker and cover tightly with the heat-retaining covers.

Let the cans remain in the cooker for three hours, then remove and tighten the covers.

Beets should be left in the fireless cooker for three and one-half hours.

Asparagus, peas and young string beans do not need to be left in the cooker as long as the harder vegetables.

Fruits may also be canned in the fireless. After the jars are packed with fruit, fill them with a syrup made of two parts of sugar and one part of water. Proceed with the cooking in the same way as with the vegetables.

The soft berries may be taken from the cooker in three-fourths of an hour, apples and pears should be left for one hour, and pineapple takes two and one-half hours.