Ripe damsons or plums. Tapers. Sealing wax or paraffin. New soft corks or lids.

Take as many quarts of fruit as are required. The fruit should be ripe, but not overripe. It must be carefully selected, and handled as little as possible. Remove the stalks, and reject any fruit that has the skin broken.

The bottles must be spotlessly dean and absolutely dry.

When all is in readiness, light a taper and let it burn in the bottle for a few seconds - to exhaust the air; then pack the fruit quickly in. Cork or cover the bottle, and proceed with the others.

When all are filled, stand them in a very cool oven for several hours, until the fruit has shrunk away one-fourth part. Take the bottles out of the oven, press the corks well in, or adjust the lids.

If corks are used run hot sealing wax or melted paraffin over them. Store the bottles in a cool place.