Small, perfect beets. Water. Salt.

Select small, perfect beets, wash carefully without bruising or cutting, cover with boiling water and cook until tender.

Drain and cover with cold water. Skin, using the fingers to slip off the skin and not a knife and fork, then pack carefully in sterilized jars, and cover with salt water.

When quite cold, set the jars in a boiler of cold water deep enough to cover three-fourths of the height of the can, and boil for one hour; fill up to the brim with boiling salted water, adjust the rubbers and the tops and screw tight. When quite cold set away in a cool dry place.

Turnips are pared and carrots and parsnips are scraped, then boiled and cut into pieces and canned in the same way.

Young okra is washed and cut into short lengths, then packed in jars, covered with water and canned in the same manner.