Fresh green peas. Salt.

Select tender peas, then pack them into quart jars, and pour over them salt water, allowing one teaspoonful of salt to three-fourths of a pint of warm water for each jar. Adjust the lids of the jars without the rubbers, and set on a rack in the bottom of a boiler, separating the cans by cloths or hay, so that they do not touch.

Pour in cold water, allowing the water to cover the jars three-fourths of their height. Put on the cover of the boiler and steam for three hours. Take out the jars one by one, fill to overflowing with more of the salt water kept hot for this purpose, put on the rubber and top and screw air-tight.

Return to the boiler, adding more water, enough to immerse the jars this time.

Steam for another hour, lift out and set bn a board, out of a draught, and allow them to cool, screwing the lids tighter if possible.

When quite cold, wrap in brown paper and set in a cool dark place.

Another Method: Shell tender, fresh peas and lay them in cold salted water for one-half hour. Drain them and put into slightly salted boiling water and cook until tender but not broken.

Drain again and put them into dry heated pint glass jars, filling them well. Return the liquid to the fire, let it boil up, and fill the cans to overflowing. Seal at once.