Ripe black raspberries.

Pick over the berries and toss them in dean towels to free them from dust. Spread them in layers, three berries deep, on fireproof plates. Place in the oven or on the back of the range until brought to scalding point, then remove to a place that is simply warm enough to keep the moisture slowly evaporating, but where there is no danger of burning. Stir occasionally with a wooden spoon.

In twelve or fourteen hours the fruit should be reduced to one-third its original bulk. It will take from thirty-six to forty-eight hours to remove all the moisture.

At the last the berries should be again brought to a scalding point, to insure freedom from insects. Cover in small cans or pails.

The berries should be washed in lukewarm water before using, and stewed in plenty of water, with sugar added just before serving.